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GTM Textile Co., Ltd. is GTM Group’s textile business.

GTM was originally founded in Shanghai in 1951. The Fu Jian Woolen Textile Factory was established in Xinzhuang City, Taipei County. Under the steady and pragmatic leadership of its founder, Mr. Gu Xingzhong, the Group has become the best-known woolen textile factory in Taiwan and is globally renowned for its GTM sheep logo.

Integrity and Quality Assurance

GTM’s wool products have had a strong presence in the Taiwan wool market for over sixty years, and the GTM brand is deeply rooted in people’s hearts. GTM upholds the Group’s business philosophy of “Integrity and Quality Assurance.” With its core research and development capabilities and sound corporate culture, we continue to innovate and improve in the wool industry, which is well recognized by the industry and consumers.

Apart from producing various wool-related products, GTM combines consumer market needs and industry development trends to become a reputable textile supplier with our excellent brand image and professional design capability. Furthermore, we will continue to build on our existing strengths and achieve sustainability.

Development Direction and Management Strategy
Active research and development of high-value-added and functional products.
Develop new textiles and expand the business scope in cooperation with other organizations and R&D units.
Rejuvenate and style our brand: breathe new life into our traditional brand by combining the “GTM Life House” with a web store to closer meet consumers’ needs.
Main Products


Wool|Self-develop design specifications and prints, purchase wool yarn materials, and outsource weaving, embroidery, and dyeing.
Synthetic Fiber Fabrics|A trading business model that searches for textile products for clients according to their needs.
All About Wool
How to Clean & Care For Wool
Commercial Goods
Wool quilts, pillows, sheets, bedspreads, shawls, and underwear
Military clothing

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