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Risk Management
Risk Management Policy

The Board approved the Risk Management Regulations of the Company of Directors at the 5th meeting of the 22nd term (March 19, 2021). According to the Regulations, the risk management policy of the Company and its subsidiaries is based on the Company’s overall operating policy. Various types of risks are defined to prevent possible losses within a tolerable risk range, increase shareholder value, and optimize the allocation of resources to reasonably ensure the achievement of the Company’s strategic objectives.

Risk Management Structure

The Company’s risk management is supervised by the Audit Committee, President is the convener of the risk response team and is in charge of coordinating the promotion and execution of the risk management plan. The management and staff of their departments are involved in promoting the implementation. They shall keep adequate records of the risk management procedures and the results of their implementation and report the status of risk management to the Board of Directors regularly.

Risk Management Procedure
Risk Management Report
Risk Management Reports
2021 Risk Management Report (Reported to the Board of Directors on Jan. 14, 2022)