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Organizational Chart
Group Operations Management Unit Main Duties
Auditing Office Responsible for planning, revising and auditing the internal audit system and making suggestions to the management for improvement.
President Manage the Company's business according to the Board of Directors' resolutions.
Finance and Accounting Department Responsible for financial, accounting, stock affairs, taxation and other related operations and planning, as well as domestic and international investment opportunity evaluation and research, business performance analysis of investee companies and investor services.
Information Department Responsible for the development and maintenance of information systems, planning and maintenance of information software and hardware.
Administration Department Personnel affairs, management system planning and implementation, contract formulation and review, legal affairs office and support.
Main Business

GTM Holdings specializes in investment and provides corporate governance, financial and operational advice for each subsidiary in the group to assist their business to focus on their core business and strengthen their own competitiveness.
Its main businesses are real estate business, textile business, and investment business.

Group Business Main Business
Real Estate Business Development, sale and lease of office buildings, shopping malls and logistics centers
Textile Business Trading of fabric, garments and quilts, etc.
Investment Business Investment in domestic and foreign stocks, bonds and funds, and post-investment management of each re-investment business