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In 2014, GTM transformed into an investment holding company and changed its name to GTM Holdings Corporation.

GTM’s Investment Division focuses on equity and financial investments.

Equity Investments:

Carefully invest in forward-looking and growth-oriented companies, serve as their directors or supervisors, and participate in policy formulation and operational decisions.

Financial Investments:

Evaluate risk, industry, innovation, governance, and other factors, consider asset allocation, and target companies with solid profits and stable dividend payments for medium- and long-term investments that offer both dividend income and capital gains.

Lungteh Shipbuilding Co., Ltd.

Shipbuilding | Stock Code: 6753

Since its establishment in 1979, Lungteh Shipbuilding has conducted all its designs and production details in-house.“Quality” is Lungteh’s commitment to the craftsmanship of shipbuilding. Over the decades, Lungteh has accumulated experience building ships with various materials and specializes in constructing high-performance and unique working vessels.

Lungteh Shipbuilding expands its market with advanced manufacturing technology and excellent design capability. In 2015, GTM Holdings invested in Lungteh Shipbuilding Co Ltd. to enter the shipbuilding industry. In recent years GTM also participated in Lungteh’s capital increase project with the government’s National Development Fund in response to the national shipbuilding policy.

Suntek Motor (Taiwan) Co., Ltd.

Automobile wholesale business

Suntek Motor was established under Porsche’s highest standards and regulations. Its Porsche Centre in New Taipei City is one of the largest Porsche dealerships in the world, providing the most professional car buying experience and services.

In 2015, GTM Holdings invested in Suntek Motor, entering the automobile industry. In 2017, its Porsche Centre Taipei started construction in New Taipei City.

Sunpek Motor (Taiwan) Co., Ltd.

Automobile wholesale business

ŠKODA (Sunpek Motors) is located in Taipei City’s best area, providing new car sales in Neihu and offering excellent after-sales services.

In 2021, GTM Holdings invested in Sunpek Motors, a ŠKODA (a Volkswagen brand) dealership in Taipei City, entering the automotive sector again.

Shanchi Motors Co., Ltd.

Automobile wholesale business

On February 2023, Shanchi Motors obtained the authorizatio from Sime Darby Kia Taiwan to become the Kia brand dealer in the North Riverside of New Taipei City. The brand’s sales and service center will also be established in Xinzhuang District of New Taipei City, offering consumers a variety of convenient car buying and warranty services.

GTM Holdings has been investing in Shanchi Motors since February 2023, continuously expanding its investment in the automotive field.

K.J Power Co., Ltd.

Renewable energy and self-powered equipment industry, energy technology services

K.J Power Co., Ltd. was established on December 16, 2010. It is a joint venture between JET Energy Co., LTD. and GTM Holdings Co., Ltd.
K.J Power Co., Ltd. has obtained the electric business license, and its installed capacity of the power plant is 3,000kw. Though at present, all of its electricity generated is wholesaled to Taiwan Power Co., Ltd., it can also be sold to the renewable energy retail industry in the future.

Darwin Ventures

Securities Investment Consulting

Darwin Venture Management was established in Taiwan in 2009. Darwin is a professional venture capital management company that accepts venture capital fund mandates and focuses on investments in Taiwan and the Silicon Valley region. Its invested industries include biomedical, network software, materials and equipment, and communications monitoring.

As of 2016, GTM Holdings started investing in Darjun Venture Corporation and Darhe II Venture Corporation. GTM leverages the companies’ expertise and industry background to invest in Taiwan’s existing innovative technology businesses with competitive and internationalization potential.

Fusheng Precision Co., Ltd

Manufacture industrial rubber products, plastic casings, and accessories| Stock Code: 6670

Fusheng Precision adheres to pragmatism and excellence in its diverse operations, actively innovates strategies for international marketing, and responds quickly to changes in the market and trends. In recent years, it actively focuses on energy saving and environmental protection, fulfilling its social responsibility and gaining client trust and satisfaction.

TGVest Capital Inc.

Other investment consulting and management consulting services

TGVest is a growth and M&A fund with extensive investment experience and industry resources. It is committed to helping companies grow, upgrade, transform, and ensure its investors receive the best possible ROI. The investment team has many years of industry experience and knowledge, and its grasp of industry trends offers unique and precise investment insights.


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