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Sustainable Development Team

In accordance with Article 9 of the Company’s “Sustainable Development Best Practice Principles,” the President of the Company convenes the top executives of each department to form a “Sustainable Development Committee” to promote Sustainable Development for the Company, and reports to the Board of Directors on the status of promotion.

Execution Status

The Company’s risk assessment boundary is mainly based on the Company, and the Group’s subsidiaries GTM Development Co., Ltd., GTM Textile Co., Ltd., GTM(Asia) Investment Holding Ltd. and GTM Investment Company are included in the scope.
The company formulated the “Risk Management Measures” on March 19, 2021, which clearly stipulates that the risk management policies of the Company and its subsidiaries are based on the Company’s overall operating policy, defining various risks to prevent possible losses within the acceptable risk range.

Environmental issues

  1. Our company adopts eco-friendly lighting in accordance with the government policy, which not only saves energy but also protects employees’ eyesight and gives them a suitable working environment. The Company continuously evaluates the possible environmental impact factors in its operations, establishes targets to design environmental protection regulations, and continuously implements measures to control production energy consumption by saving water and electricity.
  2. The Company does not have any manufacturing plants and is not a major energy-consuming industry, so it does not generate large amounts of air pollution and wastewater. However, the Company still plans for the effective use of resources to maximize the use of resources; for example, the Company encourages and implements waste separation and recycling, and recycles waste paper, waste toner cartridges, etc., and commissions professional and qualified waste disposal organizations to handle the Company’s waste documents and equipment. The Company has implemented various environmental protection policies to encourage employees to use environmentally friendly straws and cutlery, to raise their awareness of environmental protection and to protect their health. In addition, the Company are promoting paperless operations and are constantly reviewing our operations for compliance with environmental regulations.
  3. In response to the potential risks of climate change, we promote energy conservation policies and allow our employees to turn energy conservation and carbon reduction into action and implement them in their work, with the aim of indirectly reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
  4. The Company has no manufacturing plants and is not a major energy-consuming industry, so it does not generate large amounts of air pollution and waste water. Therefore, the Company has not calculated the greenhouse gas emissions, water consumption and total weight of waste for the past two years. However, the Company is committed to energy saving and carbon reduction, water saving and greenhouse gas reduction policies, such as: Adopting energy-saving and environmental-friendly lighting fixtures for office lighting, replacing exit signs and refuge directional lights with LED lights, managing the demand for special air-conditioning in separate areas, and managing waste recycling by category.

Social issues

  1. The Company complies with relevant labor laws and regulations, and in accordance with international human rights conventions, sets policies to protect the rights and interests of employees and fair treatment, such as employment policies that do not discriminate on the basis of gender, race, age, marriage, family status, etc. The Company also complies with the Law on the Protection of the Rights of Persons with Physical and Mental Disabilities and the Workplace Equality Act, cares for the disadvantaged groups, implements equality of opportunity for promotion, provides employees with reasonable salaries and bonus systems, conducts employee education and training from time to time, implements a leave system and provides pensions in accordance with the law, and protects the legal rights and interests of employees.
  2. In order to ensure that our employees can serve in the Company without worrying about their physical and mental health, we provide a number of welfare measures and have established an employee welfare committee to promote various welfare measures. The 2021 welfare measures include wedding and funeral subsidies, New Year’s gifts, year-end lucky draw and travel subsidies. In addition, the Company continues to promote employee benefits such as group insurance, health checkups, senior employee bonuses, and leave policies that are superior to the Labor Standards Act. In addition, in accordance with Article 25 of the Company’s Articles of Incorporation, the Company shall appropriate 2% to 5% of the pre-tax earnings of the current year after deducting the earnings before the distribution of employees’ remuneration and directors’ and supervisors’ remuneration and retaining the amount to cover the accumulated losses. The Company has also established the Remuneration Committee to oversee a reasonable compensation policy to properly reflect operating performance in employee compensation. By providing various benefits, we hope to fulfill our corporate social responsibility to take care of our employees and enhance their loyalty to our company, so that we can create a better future for both our company and our employees.
  3. The Company has established the “Safety and Health Code of Practice” and “Work Rules” to ensure the safety and health of employees’ lives and properties, and the protection measures for the working environment and personal safety are as follows:
    (A) Fire prevention measures and equipment maintenance inspection: At least two fire equipment inspections and maintenance per year.
    (B) Health checkups: Group health checkups for employees are held regularly.
    (C) Work environment hygiene: Arrange a person to be responsible for the cleaning and disinfection of the company’s common areas and overall environment.
    (D) The “Workplace Sexual Harassment Prevention and Punishment” is established, with a dedicated complaint channel, and sexual harassment prevention and education training.
    (E) In accordance with the law, the Company purchases labor insurance and provide employees with group insurance.
    (F) Access Control Security: Our building and office areas are equipped with access control systems to ensure the safety of our employees.
  4. In order to promote the implementation of the Company’s quality objectives, long-term training of employees in the organizational system to fully perform their functions, improve personal quality, and achieve mutual coordination to improve efficiency and quality, the Company has established an employee education and training program. The targets of education and training are training for new employees, training for in-service employees, and training for professional employees. In 2021, employees participated in 108.5 hours of training courses.
  5. The Company is not the manufacturer of the final product, so the items listed in (V) on the left are not applicable.
  6. The Company has a supplier evaluation process to evaluate and select suppliers based on their ability to meet our requirements to ensure consistent delivery quality. The Company has been dealing with our suppliers for many years and have observed and understood the extent of their compliance through personal visits, correspondence and communication documents, and have not found any significant environmental and social impacts from our suppliers. The Company will not cooperate with any supplier who violates the law. The Company will audit the suppliers from time to time, and if we find any violation of laws and regulations, the Company will issue warning and request improvement within a certain period of time, and if the situation is serious, the Company will not cooperate with such suppliers anymore, so the Company can improve quality and technology together.
    The Company has established a “Sustainable Development Code of Practice” and has set up a dedicated unit responsible for Sustainable Development-related initiatives. Through measures such as strengthening education and training and activities to promote Sustainable Development, the Company implements the spirit of the Code and promotes the operation of Sustainable Development. However, no specific contractual provisions have been drawn up to require suppliers to comply with environmental and social responsibilities.

    Other important information to facilitate better understanding of the implementation of promoting Sustainable Development:
    In line with the government’s environmental protection policy, the Company has completely replaced the office lighting equipment and adopted environmentally friendly lamps, which not only save energy but also do not flicker and take care of the employees’ eyesight.

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