GTM Holdings

GTM Values

Diligent, pragmatic, and courageous in our duties, we establish a solid foundation and pursue sustainable development.

Fulfill social responsibility and give back to society. We provide comprehensive services to our clients, maintain win-win relationships with our partners, ensure reasonable compensation and benefits for our employees, and create a good ROI for our shareholders.


Land Development × Real Estate Lease

GTM Development Co., Ltd. is a GTM Group subsidiary specializing in real estate development.

GTM Development is committed to developing its land and providing clients with comprehensive and high-quality real estate leases to maximize the value of land use. In the meantime, the Company continues to focus on other land and real estate properties that have the potential to generate stable income.

GTM Development provides leases mainly in Taipei City, Xinzhuang Dist., New Taipei City, and Dayuan Dist., Taoyuan City.


Textile Wholesale × Retail

GTM Textile Co., Ltd. is GTM Group’s textile business.

GTM’s wool products have had a strong presence in the Taiwan wool market for over sixty years, and the GTM brand is deeply rooted in people’s hearts. GTM upholds the Group’s business philosophy of “Integrity and Quality Assurance.” With its core research and development capabilities and sound corporate culture, we continue to innovate and improve in the wool industry, which is well recognized by the industry and consumers.

Apart from producing various wool-related products, GTM combines consumer market needs and industry development trends to become a reputable textile supplier with our excellent brand image and professional design capability. Furthermore, we will continue to build on our existing strengths and achieve sustainability.


Investment × Reinvestment

In 2014, GTM transformed into an investment holding company and changed its name to GTM Holdings Corporation.
GTM’s Investment Division focuses on equity and financial investments.

Equity Investments | Carefully invest in forward-looking and growth-oriented companies, serve as their directors or supervisors, and participate in policy formulation and operational decisions.

Financial Investments | Evaluate risk, industry, innovation, governance, and other factors, consider asset allocation and target companies with solid profits and stable dividend payments for medium- and long-term investments, taking into account both dividend income and capital gains.

Investor Service

Our various corporate governance regulations are established to improve transparency and related operations. The regulations are established under the principle of information disclosure and follow the “Corporate Governance Best Practice Principles for TWSE/TPEx Listed Companies” to provide timely information that may affect investors’ decisions.


We founded our company on the belief that by caring and giving back to society, we fulfill our social responsibility to become a company that grows with its community.